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Plastic Bottles

Plastic Bottles Seiu Japan Co., Ltd. started its business from plastic bottle recycling.
Given the decline in market price due to the Chinese economy and the tightening of regulations, we are strengthening our business by making connections with other countries.
Our strength is that for processing cost,  we have stable domestic processing outlets as well as overseas channels.

Aluminum cans

Aluminum cans In 2014, Chiba Aluminum Recycle Center was established. We started full-scale development of aluminum can scrap recycling and promoted collection of used aluminum cans through public bids organized by local government agencies, supermarket collection, and recycle agent carry-ins.

Used paper, clothes, waste plastics

sed paper, clothes, waste plastics As a comprehensive recycle company, Seiu Japan Co., Ltd. collects various resources such as plastic bottles, aluminum cans, waste plastics, used paper, and clothes. We are unique among other companies in the industry in the wide variety of resources we handle.
Feel free to contact our recycling business professionals for any inquiries regarding recycling.

Recycle Consulting

Recycle Consulting

We are here to advise you on any inquiries regarding recycling such as effective sorting, storage, and volume reduction.
Seiu Japan Co., Ltd. handles all kinds of resources including plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and waste plastics, and has branches nationwide.
Feel free to contact us for any recycling-related inquiries.


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