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Our Strength

01 Sales Force
− Direct business with broad channels

  • Business with top manufacturers in Japan and overseas
    Japan (resin recycling, aluminum secondary alloy manufacturers)
    Overseas (resin fibers, aluminum secondary alloy manufacturers)
  • We have our own factory for waste plastic pellet pressing
In order to manage a recycling business, it is essential to have a well-organized operation of distribution. It is necessary to secure sales outlets to make products from collected plastic bottles and aluminum cans. We sell resources directly to several global manufacturers. That is why our sales force out-performs competitors in the industry.
Sales Force

One-Stop Service for All Recycling Needs

02 One-Stop Service for All Recycling Needs
− We cover a broad range of recyclables in one company

We offer comprehensive recycling services to handle everything from used paper and used clothes to waste plastics, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans. Our group company Yamazi Co., Ltd. handles industrial and domestic waste. While recycling is often  undertaken separately by collectors, sorters, and processors, we handle everything from collection and sorting to production and processing.

One-Stop Service for All Recycling Needs

03 Nationwide Network
− We have networks all over Japan.

Seiu Japan Co., Ltd. has 4 factories (Chiba, Aichi, Hyogo, and Miyagi) and our group company Yamazi Co., Ltd. owns 4 factories (3 factories in Aichi, 1 in Shizuoka). Including our partners, we have operations from Tohoku to Kyushu which enable us to flexibly and quickly meet the needs of a wide range of customers.

Nationwide Network


04 Proven & Trusted
− Trust earned by our comprehensive recycle services

As a comprehensive recycle company, we handle a variety of resources, distribute them in a nationwide network, and sell them directly to a wide range of outlets. That is why we can purchase at a higher price than other companies.

Proven & Trusted

05 Consulting Strategies
− We provide recycling expertise.

For years we have promoted factory efficiency and cost reduction by providing a wide range of recycling services including collection, sorting, and pressing.
With such expertise, we have been commissioned to run a major beverage manufacturer’s recycling center. We also offer consulting services for a major supermarket chain's recycling business.
Feel free to contact us for any corporate recycling issues.

Consulting Strategies

Social contribution

06 Social contribution
− Cooperation with Ecocap Movement

Seiu Japan Co., Ltd. actively promotes partnership with the incorporated nonprofit organization Ecocap Movement. Small plastic bottle caps help save children's lives and improve the global environment of the future. We weigh the caps collected from you, and report and donate to Ecocap Movement.

Social contribution


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