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Buyback Consulting

The waste you dispose is actually a valuable resource.If you sell the waste to a recycling company, it will not only be eco-friendly but also reduce company costs. We buy back such resources. Feel free to contact us for any waste that you have considered to be unsellable.

We have acquired a strong reputation from various factories, logistics centers, supermarkets, and beverage manufacturers.

Do you have any of the following challenges or requests?

  • I want a higher resource buyback price.
  • I want to utilize these resources.
  • I don't know if these items are recyclable.
  • I have trouble with waste and resource management.
  • I have no idea who to talk to about waste and resources.

We can solve all of these challenges and more.

As an environmental issue solution company, we handle a wide range of resources.
Our sales force is capable of using nationwide networks to sell directly to a broad market.
With our many years of expertise, we offer effective ways to utilize our customers' resources.

Main items

Plastic bottles, metals such as aluminum and steel cans, waste plastics, used paper such as cardboard boxes and newspaper, and used clothes.

Recycling Consulting

"I want to recycle waste, but how? How much would it cost?"
You might have similar questions.
"Recycling" can mean many different methods of treatment. If the waste is not treated appropriately, it may cost more or damage the environment.

Through our many years of experience, techniques, records, and equipment, we offer ways to manage, reduce, and recycle waste that meet our customers' needs. As an environment issue solution company with a nationwide network for plastic bottles, metals, waste plastics, and used paper, we also offer comprehensive consulting for recycling and logistics centers and are available to undertake commissioned projects.

Flow chart of Consulting


Feel free to contact us for any issues or concerns.


We check your current status – waste management status, emissions, collection, treatment methods, recycling status, etc.


Based on our analysis of your current status, we offer secure and safe ways to recycle that meet your needs.


We send you an estimate free of charge.


We take care of the contract paperwork and act on our proposal.

Consulting examples

A transfer project for a major beverage manufacturer's recycling center

Issues A major beverage manufacturer managed their own recycling center for more than a decade.
They wanted to manage the entire recycling process from manufacturing and sales => waste collection => recycling => container manufacturing => recycled product

In fact, they were having waste management issues due to inconsistencies in market prices and production.
They were considering whether or not to close the recycling center, outsource the business, or handle each waste processing case independently.
  1. Promote of effective use of equipment. => Renting factory equipment; Securing stable rent income.   
  2. Seiu Japan Co., Ltd. manages troublesome tasks such as resource collection, production and recycling center management, selling recyclables, and waste treatment.
  3. Ensure job security (Lay-offs will harm the corporate image.)
※Effective utilization may reduce management risks and secure stable profits.
  • Seiu Japan Co., Ltd. reduced treatment costs through successful negotiations with waste processors.
  • Profit increased by changing to a buyer who purchases at higher prices.
  • Profit greatly increased by selling previously disposed waste plastics and metals.


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