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Message from the President

Message from the President

President, Seiu Japan Co., Ltd.  Keiko Nakahara

The twentieth century was an age of mass production and consumption. Humankind produced numerous materials and services which brought richness to our lives. On the other hand, this behavior has had major effects such as global warming and resource depletion. Nowadays it is more urgent than ever to build a recycle-based society that effectively utilizes our limited resources and harmonizes with the environment.
Seiu Japan Co., Ltd. seeks to create a recycle-oriented society where containers are responsibly managed, from production, filling, packaging, and distribution, to consumption, collection, and recycling.
We are seeking total recyclability of used plastic bottles. Annually 15.5 million tons of plastic bottles are consumed throughout the world. In 2008, 35% of Europe’s total consumption was collected. 77.9% was collected in Japan. However, the majority of plastic bottles in the world have been disposed of by burning or in landfills.Seiu Japan Co., Ltd. focuses on our vision: "Through container manufacturing technology, we contribute to safety and security, reducing our burden on the environment, and provide ease-of-use and enjoyment to create a prosperous society".
By realizing this vision, we will preserve valuable space on the Earth for future generations.

Keiko Nakahara
President, Seiu Japan Co., Ltd.


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